Non classé

Here’s Paula Casillas project. She is spanish and lives in Barcelona « Hello I »‘m Paula and I’m a student from Stucom representing my class and our project for the refugees givebox. Our givebox looks like a boat because it represents a journey to freedom and that’s exactly what we want for […]

Box of Paula Casillas

« Give and receive. A simple idea of exchange and generosity to model the design of this box with multiple entries. To many they bag for a multiplicity of combinations to meet your various needs. Only in packs, turning east, west, south or north, against a wall, or around the one […]

Box of Claire Bazin

« It`’s a simple box which has window so people can put things through. It opens on the top. Size of box is 1200 mm × 800 mm. On the top is logo of school. On bottom it has four square pedestals from euro palet so that is raised from the ground. Box […]

Box of Alenka Mestek