Non classé

« it’s an informational box or givebox designed with simple in mind. There is not a lot of sawing required to assemble the box. It features a semi completed compartment to store a lot of objects and keeps a low profile so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It […]

Box of Tehovnik Klemen

 » My idea for this charity box of emergency supplies contest is a little different from others, because I didn’t designed box as a box, but as bench with rain defenders and nice hangers, with a small box. The idea of this is that people would rather throw for example […]

Box of Jani Lescovec

« My name is Jan Kršinar and I am a student of media production at EŠNM VŠŠ. With its implementation of Givebox, I wanted to show some deeper meaning. The model can be placed in two ways, but they are connected with one another. The first is the fences, the boundaries […]

Box of Jan Krsinar

« My name is Tilen and Im a student of Media production on Ekonomska šola Novo mesto. I’ve made a standing informational box with one big container in which people can put any kind of information, objects or other means of communication. » Vote for this project

Box of Tilen Kobe

« Hi, my name is Robi and I come from a small town called Sevnica. Yeah, that Sevnica. All jokes about Melania aside, this was my first step into anything 3D related, so i know it isn`t perfect, but I gave it a shot. First of all I made sure to […]

Box of Robi Gucek

« I am 16 years old and study at Barcelona. I am building the givebox with my classmate in Stucom High School. After giving a lot of thoughts and changing our design several times, we decided to build a hostel to house refugees. We wanted to give it a home feel, […]

Box of Noalia Gonzalez

« My gift boy is actually a gift box made out of euro palette. It’s shape is like a present where you can lift the top and put bigger thing in it, then close it again. If you got smaller things to put in or envelopes, you can slide them in […]

Box of Gasper Jacke

« Hello My name is Anna and I’m representative of a group of students who are really happy to participate in this project. We are making a give box that consists in a chest without the cover. It will be splitted up in two sections. In the first you can put […]

Box of Anna Ferrer