Life story of Souleymane BALDE

« I am Souleymane BALDE of Guinean nationality. Arrived in France in 2016 by the clandestine way from my origin country to France passing through Senegal, Mali, Algeria, Morocco and Spain. After several months of torture during my journey in the Malian deserts as well as on the borders of Morocco-Spain and without forgetting the bad memories of the mediterranean, I hope to have a better future. I keep believing this proverbe that tells us that hard is the path that culminated.

It was so hard for me that i understood that being an immigrant was synonymous with evil for some people and harder if you wear the coat of the clandestine, even the name is scary and inspires fear, then some people reject me, that is what i live in everyday. I am not a criminal, i just want to enjoy my freedom and express my talent that i must express and a social integration that is necessary for me.

I lost everything except my « Hook » because if i have my hook i have all, All starting with a question of love, loving what i one does, gives us the pleasure evolving with trust. Knitting is not a leisure way of passing time but rather a matter with vision to go around the world to be seen outside the borders. »

Below the exhibition « Chemin de Croix » produced by Souleymane at arrival in France