Billets du jour : 15 mai 2017

« It`’s a simple box which has window so people can put things through. It opens on the top. Size of box is 1200 mm × 800 mm. On the top is logo of school. On bottom it has four square pedestals from euro palet so that is raised from the ground. Box […]

Box of Alenka Mestek

Here is Solanas Andrea’s project, she is Spanish and lives in Barcelona. « We decided to build a sharing gift box with the slape of a big chair, under the chair you can sloe with refugees, you  » Vote for this project

Box of Andrea Solanas

Here is Alba’s project, she is Spanish and lives in Barcelona. « My name’s Alba, and I’m representing my class. When we read about this project, we got very excited because it gave us a great opportunity not only to work together and use our imagination, but also to help people that […]

Box of Alba Hurtado