Billets de l'année : 2017

Here’s Paula Casillas project. She is spanish and lives in Barcelona « Hello I »‘m Paula and I’m a student from Stucom representing my class and our project for the refugees givebox. Our givebox looks like a boat because it represents a journey to freedom and that’s exactly what we want for […]

Box of Paula Casillas

« Give and receive. A simple idea of exchange and generosity to model the design of this box with multiple entries. To many they bag for a multiplicity of combinations to meet your various needs. Only in packs, turning east, west, south or north, against a wall, or around the one […]

Box of Claire Bazin

« It`’s a simple box which has window so people can put things through. It opens on the top. Size of box is 1200 mm × 800 mm. On the top is logo of school. On bottom it has four square pedestals from euro palet so that is raised from the ground. Box […]

Box of Alenka Mestek

Here is Solanas Andrea’s project, she is Spanish and lives in Barcelona. « We decided to build a sharing gift box with the slape of a big chair, under the chair you can sloe with refugees, you  » Vote for this project

Box of Andrea Solanas

Here is Alba’s project, she is Spanish and lives in Barcelona. « My name’s Alba, and I’m representing my class. When we read about this project, we got very excited because it gave us a great opportunity not only to work together and use our imagination, but also to help people that […]

Box of Alba Hurtado

Mihael project 21686
Here is Mihael Težak’s project, he is Slovenian and lives in Metlika. « I am a student visiting vocational college for Media production in “Ekonomska šola novo mesto”. As a practical worker at “DRPD Novo mesto” I was asked to make Givebox in SketchUp. I had no previous experience with this program, […]

Box of Mihael Težak

Here is Elaura Hasler’s project, she is french and lives in Marseille. « I was inspired by decoration furniture design. The red and white paint makes one think of relief and the raw wood shows the ecological side and second hand. My concept can be placed against a wall, inside, to […]

Box of Elaura Hasler