The Collserola Interaction Point (PIC) is a non-formal educational organization located near the center of the immigrant worker Nou Barris district, in the Collserola National Park in the outskirts of Barcelona.

This area has a rich social and cultural history of civic engagement through self-organized neighbourhood networks and community centers including the PIC.

Participants in the PIC activities have different backgrounds and many come from the surrounding neighborhoods and from social movements in the wider Barcelona area and province of Catalonia.

The PIC’s objective is to provide free training in the areas of sustainable civic society and personal growth to anyone who is interested.

They specialize in eco-system design, permaculture and urban agriculture. While activities for children and seniors are offered the majority of activities focus on young adults (18-45 years).

Knowledge is transmitted through non-traditional, hands-on teaching methods based on providing equal opportunity for all those participating in the workshops.