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GO-ercn (Shadow Designers – European Responsible Communication Network) is a non-profit organisation created in 2006 in Marseille that functions as a participative network.

Our core values revolve around respecting human rights and our living environment, while contributing to a more equal and equitable society based on social and ecological responsibility and intercultural awareness. Its mission consists of educational programs at the local and European levels amongst:

  • Youth and children
  • Teachers and parents
  • Social and community workers
  • Communications and design professionals

The events, meetings, research and communications missions initiated by GOercn are cross-disciplinary testing laboratories for exploring these topics, in order to develop new concepts of «artistic practices» with added pedagogical value around them.

We engage participants at several levels by channeling educational content into artistic forms.

Each project includes visits, discussions and workshops leading to graphic, video and web content as well as arts and crafts objects designed and created by participants, all of them intimately linked to the pressing social and environmental issues of our times.

We also seek to rediscover the concept of « living together » through language activities involving verbal and non-verbal sequences that promote awareness of the Other and the acquisition of cross-cultural competences.

GO-ercn is a certified training organisation that prioritizes active pedagogy and non-formal educational teaching methods.

Our inclusive approach aims to create frameworks and self-managed learning contexts which favour open creative processes based on collective intelligence.

Unless otherwise specified, the results of the projects carried out by GO-ercn are publicly shared under the general terms of the Creative Commons license.

GO-ercn works by consensus, according to the principles outlined in its charter, statutes and internal regulations.